May 2008
Citizen work groups were formed by Kitsap County to address the divisive Speed Table issue in Hansville, WA. The Enhance group was to seek modifications to the tables for community acceptance. The Remove group was to seek alternatives to the speed tables.

May 2010

The two work groups combined into one committee. This committee continued research on modifications for the speed tables and alternatives to the speed tables. Their goal was to select one or more solution options to bring to the local community for endorsement and support. Community supported options would be presented to the Kitsap County commissioners for consideration/decision.

July 2010
Commissioner Bauer terminated the Hansville Speed Table Committee. Termination came prior to completion of committee goals and without obtaining community input.

County Guidelines (click here)
2010 Work Plan (click here)

May 4, 2010 - Committees Merge into One

- Committee-of-the-Whole established - combination of Remove and Enhance Speed Tables teams
- Presentataion & discussion of each teams'solution proposals (below)
- Looked for common ground in proposals

Meeting minutes (click here)

Remove Speed Tables Proposal (click here)
Enhance Speed Tables Proposal (click here)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So what's the next step? Are we keeping these bumps or getting rid of them? Hello... anyone out there?

And has anyone seen drawings of the so-called "island" they plan to build on Cliffside road that apparently got the go-ahead from just a simple letter from GHAAC to the county? How much are we, as tax payers, having to pony up for an "island" that will benefit a tiny few and more likely irritate a larger number of folks who use that road and who had no input into this "island" process?