May 2008
Citizen work groups were formed by Kitsap County to address the divisive Speed Table issue in Hansville, WA. The Enhance group was to seek modifications to the tables for community acceptance. The Remove group was to seek alternatives to the speed tables.

May 2010

The two work groups combined into one committee. This committee continued research on modifications for the speed tables and alternatives to the speed tables. Their goal was to select one or more solution options to bring to the local community for endorsement and support. Community supported options would be presented to the Kitsap County commissioners for consideration/decision.

July 2010
Commissioner Bauer terminated the Hansville Speed Table Committee. Termination came prior to completion of committee goals and without obtaining community input.

County Guidelines (click here)
2010 Work Plan (click here)

Read Community Comments Here
Follow the Speed Table Resolution Process
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August 11, 2010

Commissioner Bauer rejects Committee-of-the-Whole requests to meet after disbanding committee.

Bauer Rejects Committee Requests (click here)

August 5, 11

After termination of the working committee, remaining Committee-of-the-Whole members (from both the former Remove and Enhance Speed Tables teams), who wish to move forward, request to meet with Commissioner Bauer.

Committee Members Request to Meet with Bauer (click here)

July 31, 2010 - Commissioner Bauer Terminates Speed Table Committee and Solution Process

Based on Ed Call Enhance Team Close Out letter, Bauer shuts down the Community/County solution process developed to address the speed table issue.
Bauer refuses to speak with committee members who wish to continue working with Kitsap County staff on behalf of the Hansville area community.
Bauer Termination Letter (click here)

July 15, 2010 - Sheriff Boyer Meeting

- Sheriff Boyer and three deputies attend.
- Discussed increased police enforcement as an alternative to speed tables
- Additional solution options addressed

Meeting minutes (click here)

June 21, 2010 - Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting

- Commissioner Bauer approves Work Plan
- Bauer wants to review proposals for community outreach
- Group will continue work with County traffic engineers

Meeting Minutes (click here)
Commissioner Email Approval (click here)
Work Plan /subcommittees (click here)
Sheriff Boyer's Office Responses to Questions (click here)

May 12, 2010 - Commissioner Must Approve Work Plan to Continue

- Commissioner Bauer emails notes from May 4 meeting
- Commissioner Bauer must approve Work Plan before committee continues work

Bauer Email 5/4/10 (click here)

May 10, 2010 - Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting

First Committee of the Whole Meeting
Met to begin further research on solutions
- Disagreement, confusion about process & outcomes

Meeting Minutes (click here)

May 4, 2010 - Committees Merge into One

- Committee-of-the-Whole established - combination of Remove and Enhance Speed Tables teams
- Presentataion & discussion of each teams'solution proposals (below)
- Looked for common ground in proposals

Meeting minutes (click here)

Remove Speed Tables Proposal (click here)
Enhance Speed Tables Proposal (click here)

November 2, 2009


The November 2, 2009 meeting occurred at the Hansville Store from 7:00 - 9:00 PM with seven representatives from the Remove the Speed Tables and Enhance the Speed Tables Teams. Handouts of the county’s guidelines and each team's presentation, "Speed Table Removal, A Practical Approach to Speed Control" and " Speed Table Enhancement, A Greater Hansville Area Sub-committee," were distributed.

Remove ST Chair Steps Down
The chairperson for the Remove the Speed Tables Team announced he’s stepping down from the position due to ongoing health problems. After undergoing numerous medical procedures in the past six months he does not want his situation to add any delays in getting the promised recommendations to the community. His support is fully with his team and he will participate as a member as his condition permits. The members of the Remove the Speed Tables Team attending the meeting agreed to carry on as a team as it was felt that a single leader is not necessary.

Community Concerns
The purpose of the meeting was to clarify and verify the five areas of concern as defined during the facilitator portion of the process. In other words, the community interests which required resolution. The five areas of concern, as it now stands are as follows:

1. Design and Engineering - standardized speed table design and installation
2. Traffic Distribution - requires clarification
3. Acceptance - community support of solution(s)
4. Respect - community respects each other and each other’s concerns
5. Safety - road safety - personal, elderly, children, animal’s

1. Engineering Law - meet county code road design standards
2. Equity - solution(s) equitable for all residents and motorists
3. Personal Responsibility –
- parents responsible for children
- pet owners responsible for pet safety - keep dogs on leash/fenced
- trim brush for better sight distance
- purchase two-way mailbox
4. Fair Process & Community Support
- clear communication and entire affected community votes
5. Liability - who takes responsibility for personal property damage, delayed emergency response times due to speed tables?

The only category not explicitly self-explanatory in the written presentations is item #2 Traffic Distribution under the Enhance Team’s concerns.

The issue regarding speed tables and emergency response capabilities was discussed. These impacts still need to be addressed.

Process Continues
This meeting successfully re-energized the process. The two teams are still in step #3 of the county delineated process. Those in attendance expressed their desire to see the process through to the end.

Next Steps
The next step is to meet and complete step #3 where both teams will gather as the Committee-of-the-Whole and present their presentations. It was recommended each team choose a spokesperson and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. At this point, while it would be a deviation from the process, it was also proposed to invite the Board of Commissioners to attend the meeting of the Committee-of-the-Whole, thereby allowing both teams to provide clarifications and answer inquiries.

Other issues discussed for follow-up at the next meeting:
How to accomplish steps #4 and #5:
The two teams discussed the issues surrounding step 4 and acknowledged there will probably be more than one option put forth before the community.

STEP #4:
Committee-of-the-Whole melds the recommendations of the working committees into a proposal for consideration by the larger Hansville community.
1.The proposal may include more than one option.
2.The option(s) offered should meet all of the community interests agreed to during the May 21 and May 27 meetings.

The issue surrounding step 5 is Hansville doesn't have a facility large enough to fit the entire community so thought must be given as to how to present the options and collect votes.

STEP #5:
Committee-of-the-Whole publicizes, presents and secures broad community support and endorsement of the option(s) regarding speed tables.

How to update the community as to where the teams are in the process:
There was discussion about publishing both teams’ presentations on-line and providing hard copies for those residents that don’t use the Internet.

Two attendees volunteered to check the availability of the Community Center and the Driftwood Key Club for the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting.

Printable Minutes

October 23, 2009

Members are gearing up to move forward. Discussed current status and next steps. The group wishes to invite the Enhance ST group to meet with the Remove ST group to clarify the groups' concerns established in the intial stages of the solution process. According to the county guidelines, solution options must address both group's five categories of concern.

An email invitation was sent to the Enhance Team to meet together, clarify concerns, and discuss moving forward.

A meeting was set for Nov. 2 . 7pm.

May 11, 2009

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the next step in the solution process.
Steps can be viewed here
Members expressed frustration for the stall in the process by Commissioner Bauer stepping in to review and direct committee work. The process was established as a citizen process.
The Remove Speed Tables committee feels the Committee-of-the-Whole, when working together, will review and assess the work to date and adjust strategies as needed.
A member discovered a roadside speed monitor in Poulsbo that flashes vehicle speeds and when speeds are too high, flashes Slow Down. It was proposed we include these signs in our recommendations for alternative solutions to the tables. Other members of the committee have witnessed these signs in Seattle and other locations. All agreed on the addition.
Our group is ready to meet with the Enhance Speed Tables group (as a Committee-of-the-Whole) to work together on solution options to present to the entire community.

Feb. 18, 2009

Guests: Jeff Shea and Jon Brand, Kitsap County Traffic Engineers

Jeff and Jon answered questions and discussed alternative speed mitigation techniques with the group.
They noted that different speed table areas could be approached differently. There need not be a blanket solution for all tables.
Solution alternatives could be phased over time costwise.

It was learned that the Kitsap County Public Works Local Traffic Safety Program (LTSP) which provides policies for traffic calming only applies to residential roads.

Discussion of resident complaints over "road rage" occuring in reaction to tables -

Fake (applied) potholes for speed control?
Effective, but only in the short term.

Hansville Log - No More Speed Table Articles

Feb. 16, 2009
The Greater Hansville Log will no longer be publishing articles to inform Hansville residents about the the Speed Table Work Group process working toward solutions in this issue. Although the Log printed information and updates in the past, the decision to stop was made by community center president, Fred Nelson, speaking on behalf of the Greater Hansville Community Center Board.

Mr. Nelson cited the Hansville Log editorial policy and told members of the Speed Table Work Groups that "The GHCC [community center] is a social non-profit organization, and our newsletter, The Greater Hansville Log, is published to inform the residents of the GHA of community sponsored social events and activities and it's not meant to become a roundtable forum for discussion of any controversial political issues."
The Community Center will not run any additional stories in the Log until the solution process is complete and the Kitsap County Commisssioners have made a decision.

Feb. 14, 2009


Emergency Reponse Times Presentation
Retired Los Angeles Fire Chief and 40 year fire service veteran, Hugh Tucker, informed the group about the realities of fire and medical emergency responses in our area and expressed his concern over response time delay due to speed tables on our main emergency routes.

Medical Response
Most residents do not know that in medical emergencies - the two firefighters at our local Hansville Fire Station can provide Basic Life Support (BLS). Paramedics, who administer Advanced Life Support (ALS), must come from the Kingston Fire Station on Miller Bay Road. If Kingston paramedics are responding elsewhere, paramedics must come from an even further distance.

Fire and Rescue Response
Many residents are also not aware that by Washington law “Safety Standards for Firefighters” “WAC 296-305-05001” (10-a) & (11), firefighters must not enter a burning building for fire rescue without a back-up team, which in Hansville’s case must come from Kingston or further, again depending on availability.

Delayed Emergency Response Time
Mr. Tucker, speaking from first-hand experience, has grave concerns about "added minutes of delay in emergency response times due to speed tables on our ONLY thoroughfares available to emergency responders." He states, "If anyone thinks a couple of minutes don't really make any difference, please ask the family of a fire fatality victim or a surviving victim of 3rd degree burns."

Work Group Requests that Commissioner Bauer Travel Tables

January 29th, 2009
Dear Mr. Bauer,
The ongoing efforts to solve the problems surrounding the speed tables in Hansville and Cliffside illustrate the dedication and willingness of many volunteers to work towards the resolution of a difficult chapter in the history of this community. Because you are a member of this community, as well as the county commissioner who tasked the citizens of the area to find solutions to these problems, we make the following request of you:

During the month of February we request that you make a detour each time you leave your home to drive over the speed tables in downtown Hansville. Because you live such a short distance from the 1st speed table on Hansville Road you will not need to drive far to go over each bump and make the loop at Sherlind Rd. to head back through town and be on your way. An alternative would be for you to drive through Hansville and continue out of town via Hood Canal Drive and Cliffside. This would give you the added benefit of experiencing both sets of speed tables.

We would like you to commit to driving over the speed tables as a requirement of leaving Hansville for the period of one month. This is an important commitment for you to make so you can have the same experience that many of those who oppose the speed tables have. The daily requirement of traveling over the speed tables is a source of great frustration for many residents of the area. The fact that they have no alternative route or choice is a daily reminder of their anger over this issue. Traveling this route will allow you to experience first hand citizens concerns about wear and tear on vehicles, as well as the physical discomfort for those with medical or physical problems.

By making the commitment to drive over the speed tables each time you leave the community you will replicate the experience that thousands of area motorists have every day. After a month of driving over the speed tables each time you leave your home you will have a better understanding of why people are so angry about what has been done to the arterial routes in their community. This experience will help you to better understand the viewpoint of the large number of citizens who want the speed tables removed.

Please let us know if you plan to honor our request. We look forward to your response.

Remove the Speed Tables Work Group

Commissioner Bauer Agrees To Travel Tables

February 4, 2009
Thank you for your email. I am happy to accommodate this suggestion. In fact, I began Monday detouring from my home to traverse the first two speed tables in downtown Hansville before turning around and going to my destination. This means four speed tables which is the most anyone else has to cover. I am also doing that when I return home which is more than you requested. I am happy to do this because I believe it shows the community that I am willing to share the experience of dealing with the speed tables. I will do this for the month of February.

While I agree that this will provide me with first-hand experience of daily use of the speed tables, it does not change the charge to the two existing committees, i.e., propose revisions or alternatives to the speed tables that meet the interests of the other side in this issue. I am looking forward to a meeting of the two committees to share the results of your work. I have received recent assurances that your committee is working on proposed alternatives and am eager to see them.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

Jan. 28, 2009

Emergency Response presentation by retired LA Fire Chief, Hugh Tucker.
Meeting Minutes (click here)

January 2009 Hansville Log Article

Article submitted to January and February Greater Hansville Logs. Greater Hansville Community Center refuses to publish.

This citizen work group has been researching solutions to address community concerns surrounding the installation of speed tables in Hansville.

Some community concerns from both sides of the issue are:
- Delayed fire and medical emergency response time
- Vehicle damage due to speed tables
- Non-speeding drivers unable to traverse speed tables at posted speed limit
- No alternative routes for avoidance of speed tables for non-speeding drivers

- Excessive speeding
- Pedestrian, animal, and wildlife safety
- Population increase

The Remove Speed Tables Work Group has been researching:
- Speed table removal
- Alternatives to speed tables
- Fire and medical emergency response protocol and impedance by roadway obstacles
- Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner – Impacts on homeowner insurance rates due to delayed emergency response time

More detailed information chronicling the Speed Table Work Group process can be viewed at

Dec. 17, 2008


  • County policies - Local Traffic Safety Program (LTSP)
  • County traffic speed data
  • Presentation methods
  • Publishing news articles to county
  • Online information sharing
  • Follow-up with County Roads Manager, Jeff Shea re: information requests

Dec. 6, 2008



  • County policies for application of speed humps
  • Additional alternative solutions to slow speeding
  • Book "Traffic" by Tom Vanderbilt details observations and solutions
  • Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner - Increase in Homeowner Insurance rates due to delayed ERT (emergency response time)
  • Kitsap County data from 2006/2007 shows decreased speeds in Hansville with police enforcement and education
  • Meeting with other work groups to formulate recommendations to present to community

Dec. 3, 2008

Update provided by Gerry Porter.

Commissioner Steve Bauer convened a meeting of the three working group chairs - Brad Luton, Ed Call, and Gerry Porter - on Wednesday, December 3rd in his office for a progress report. Gerry had distributed the final report of the Cross-Connector Road Study Committee prior to the December 3rd meeting. Brad Luton summarized a draft report from the Remove the Tables Committee, as did Ed Call on behalf of the Improving/Enhancing the Tables Committee. As no recommendations were agreed upon to be proposed to the Committee-of-the-Whole, the Remove the Tables Committee and the Improving/Enhancing the Tables Committee were encouraged to continue their research; the Cross-Connector Road Study Committee has completed its work (at least for the immediate future). The next meeting of the respective committee chairpersons with Commissioner Bauer and Anne Blair is tentatively planned for early 2009.

Nov. 13, 2008


Meeting Notes (click here)

Nov. 10, 2008


Committee members reviewed their Presentation and are preparing to meet with the other Work Groups to share their recommendations and to determine the best method for reaching out to the broad community.

The Committee Chair reported that Jeff Shea, Kitsap County Roads Manager, is in the process of collecting County data, documentation, cost estimates, and more in response to committee requests.

To date, NKFD Fire Chief, Dan Smith, has been nonresponsive in coordinating a demonstration NKFD test run to provide data to determine actual delay time in fire and medical emergency response on the route over the speed tables from the Hansville Fire Department on Twin Spits Rd. to a point south of the Hansville Cemetery.
Fire Chief, Dan Smith, has also refused to provide NKFD comparison data for Fire and Rescue response time prior to installation of speed tables and after installation of speed tables.

Commissioner Bauer and Anne Blair have requested to meet with the Chairs of the three Speed Table Work Groups on December 3, 2008 in Port Orchard.

Oct. 16, 2008


Meeting Notes (click here)

Sept. 30, 2008

Agenda (click here)
Article in October Log (click here)
Meeting overview will be posted when provided by committee chairperson.

Sept. 15, 2008

Committee continued to work on development of Power Point presentation. Discussion took place on a demonstration by the Fire Department of actual response time to emergencies occuring south of the speed tables on Hansville Road.

Jeff Shea agreed, through Anne Blair, to provide additional traffic data, including speeds, for other collector/distributor roads in Kitsap County.

Hugh Tucker and Brad Luton will make arragements with Jeff Shea for the Fire Department demonstration.

Sept. 2, 2008

AGENDA (click here)

Next Speed Table Enhancement Committee Meeting
September 23 7:00 - 8:30pm
Hansville Grocery Store

August 26, 2008

MISSION/PURPOSE (click here)
AGENDA (click here)

Next Cross-Connector Road Meeting
Tuesday, September 30 at 1:00pm
Greater Hansville Community Center
The public is invited to attend.

August 4, 2008

Continued discussion on topics from July 21 meeting.
Draft PowerPoint presentation presented.

July 21, 2008

Initial views and potential focus points discussed
PETITIONS - skewed beneficiaries:
AGAINST = 650 signatures
FOR = 80 signatures
Consider compromise solutions
Speed tables on Bridgeview acceptable
Follow-up on Hugh Tucker's Emergency Response letter to commissioners
Impact on emergency services
Research traffic studies and analyses
Prepare PowerPoint presentation

July 7, 2008

AGENDA (click here)
This group gathered for an organizational meeting on July 7 at the Greater Hansville Community Center. There were six in attendance out of intial roster of 11. It was a good discussion. Two documents were distributed for study : (1) Cross Connector Road - Questions and Answers" dated February 20, 1997, and (2) "The Cross Connector Road" by Bob Amos (click here).

Informational Article in August Log (click here)

Next Cross-Connector Road meeting
Tuesday, August 26 1:00p.m.
Greater Hansville Community Center
Interested community members are invited to attend.

June 30, 2008


Anne Blair, Commissioner Steve Bauer's District Manager, has provided County-defined guidelines for the citizen Work Group process.
The three committees will work to agree on one or two options that address community concerns regarding the speed tables in the near-term (5-10 years). Broad community support for the option(s) will need to be secured before presentation to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration/decision.


Official County staff contact:
Jeff Shea, Public Works Roads Manager
County resource person:
Anne Blair

June 24 - Cross-Connector Road?

Does the Cross-Connector Road belong in the Speed Table Solutions process?
Citizens are contacting Anne Blair, Commissioner Steve Bauer's District Manager and facilitator for the Work Groups, about a Work Group being formed for the idea of a Cross-Connector
Road from Shorewoods to Weaver Pass (360th St. & Hansville Rd.) .
Some feel the Cross-Connector Road proposal, a long-term (10-15 year) project, does not belong in this current short-term solution process.

It has been suggested that the Cross-Connector Road belongs in the Greater Hansville Area Community Plan - a process currently underway for long-range planning in the Hansville area.

June 11, 2008 Meeting

Forming Work Groups
Interested community members convened to participate in a process to form
Work Groups that will work toward a solution for the controversial Speed Table issue in Hansville. Anne Blair, District Manager for Commissioner Steve Bauer, facilitated the meeting. At her direction, the group clarified and condensed the
The reduced list of options was then posted for participants to vote for their option(s) of interest. Individuals were each given 3 sticky dots to place next to the option(s) they felt strongly about and wanted to work toward. Voting Options (Click Here)

Remove the Tables, Enhanced Tables were the obvious citizen choices with 83 and 75 votes respectively. Anne Blair determined the Cross-Connector Road with 31 votes to be a third choice.

These choices determine the Citizen Work Groups.

May 27, 2008 Meeting

Finding Common Ground
Participants from the two groups formed at the May 21 meeting convened to review each group's 5 main categories of concern(Click Here)
regarding the Speed Tables. The intent by Anne Blair and facilitators was to compare concerns from the two groups, delineate common concerns among all, and move forward toward determining "work" toward solutions.
No common ground between the two groups could be found.

Group members then brainstormed a list of possible options or solutions to the Speed Table issue.
Click here to see list of options.

This meeting ends Molly Gordon and Hidde Van Duym's roles as facilitators working with the community. Anne Blair, Commissioner Steve Bauer's District Manager will facilitate follow-up Work Group meetings.

May 21, 2008 Meeting

Initial Work Group Meeting
Anne Blair, Steve Bauer's District Manger introduced professional outside facilitators Molly Gordon and Hidde Van Duym. Participants were divided into two groups - Group A -those in favor of and Group B -those not in favor of the Speed Tables. Each facilitator worked with one group. Three index cards were distributed to individuals in each group and members were instructed to write 3 ways in which the Speed Tables impacted their lives and values. Cards were then distributed into a variety of categories and each group worked to ultimately determine their 5 main categories of concern.
Click here to view categories of concern