May 2008
Citizen work groups were formed by Kitsap County to address the divisive Speed Table issue in Hansville, WA. The Enhance group was to seek modifications to the tables for community acceptance. The Remove group was to seek alternatives to the speed tables.

May 2010

The two work groups combined into one committee. This committee continued research on modifications for the speed tables and alternatives to the speed tables. Their goal was to select one or more solution options to bring to the local community for endorsement and support. Community supported options would be presented to the Kitsap County commissioners for consideration/decision.

July 2010
Commissioner Bauer terminated the Hansville Speed Table Committee. Termination came prior to completion of committee goals and without obtaining community input.

County Guidelines (click here)
2010 Work Plan (click here)

Dec. 6, 2008



  • County policies for application of speed humps
  • Additional alternative solutions to slow speeding
  • Book "Traffic" by Tom Vanderbilt details observations and solutions
  • Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner - Increase in Homeowner Insurance rates due to delayed ERT (emergency response time)
  • Kitsap County data from 2006/2007 shows decreased speeds in Hansville with police enforcement and education
  • Meeting with other work groups to formulate recommendations to present to community

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Anonymous said...


I am completely opposed to the Cross-Connector road issue and I am pleased that it does not look feasible at this time. 20 million dollars is a ridiculous amount to spend in order for people to bypass road bumps. If traveling to Shorewoods, Driftwood Key or Twin Spits Road seems too lengthy a drive or too crowded you should have recognized this before moving here, or maybe you should choose to move now. I had a previous neighbor who was incensed with the road bump issue and has moved out of the area; maybe that is the solution for those of you who lose sleep over this.
Take a breath, stop spending money and let it be.

Eileen Finlay