May 2008
Citizen work groups were formed by Kitsap County to address the divisive Speed Table issue in Hansville, WA. The Enhance group was to seek modifications to the tables for community acceptance. The Remove group was to seek alternatives to the speed tables.

May 2010

The two work groups combined into one committee. This committee continued research on modifications for the speed tables and alternatives to the speed tables. Their goal was to select one or more solution options to bring to the local community for endorsement and support. Community supported options would be presented to the Kitsap County commissioners for consideration/decision.

July 2010
Commissioner Bauer terminated the Hansville Speed Table Committee. Termination came prior to completion of committee goals and without obtaining community input.

County Guidelines (click here)
2010 Work Plan (click here)

June 11, 2008 Meeting

Forming Work Groups
Interested community members convened to participate in a process to form
Work Groups that will work toward a solution for the controversial Speed Table issue in Hansville. Anne Blair, District Manager for Commissioner Steve Bauer, facilitated the meeting. At her direction, the group clarified and condensed the
The reduced list of options was then posted for participants to vote for their option(s) of interest. Individuals were each given 3 sticky dots to place next to the option(s) they felt strongly about and wanted to work toward. Voting Options (Click Here)

Remove the Tables, Enhanced Tables were the obvious citizen choices with 83 and 75 votes respectively. Anne Blair determined the Cross-Connector Road with 31 votes to be a third choice.

These choices determine the Citizen Work Groups.


Anonymous said...

Both sides of the speed table issue were beginning to talk at the first two meetings held with the facilitators. However,once the County began micro-managing the process, the two sides resumed their polarized positions. It's become quite evident that "someone" within the County has a control issue.

Anonymous said...

And his name is Steve Bauer - the man who sees Hansville as his personal kingdom.